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We give our clients legal advice that is focused on finding solutions and is creative.

The process requires that all parties voluntarily wish to participate. Suggestions of the mediator are non-binding on any party. This means that the mediator will hear all the information, inquire as to open communication, and will facilitate the underlying needs of the parties.

Achieve Excellence

Because we are proactive, devoted, and creative, we routinely surpass expectations.

Positivity is key

We are sensitive and welcoming, and we value diversity while exercising caution.

Work Together

We are proactive, devoted team members who prioritize our relationships.

Take Courage!

We are brave and curious, and we dare ourselves to dream big and come up with new ideas.

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Trained To Understand Conflicts

We are trained to understand the source of conflicts and identify a path away from adversarial positions toward positive growth and change. They create a safe space to have difficult conversations.

We Work With All Parties

As a mediator, we can work with all parties to a dispute to help cut through the emotions and hang ups, allowing the natural wishes for resolution, fair results, and parties being able to move on with their lives leaving the anxiety of pending conflict behind them

Traits of a Competence

The traits of a Competence certainly includes the ability to remain neutral and to move parties though various impasse-points in a dispute. When the dispute is over whether expertise in the subject matter of the dispute should be considered or is actually detrimental to the mediator’s objectivity.


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