Keep it in your control with online mediation.

Virtual legal services became essential in 2020- and Telemediator was here for online services. We have created a safe, and smooth service to keep you out of court, and safe in your environment. We make efficient resolutions, and our expert support keeps it neutral.

Want a healthier process to resolution?

Our job is to help keep you out of court, safe, and goal based. We keep the goal objective and neutral. We hear you, and work efficiently. Most important, it stays private, you can do it all online. Let us help you go from problem to solution.

Need resolution to a conflict and not sure where to start? Watch this video to learn why mediation is so important for everyone involved. At TeleMediator, we ensure the process is smooth for both parties. Keeping you and your privacy in mind. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have too. 

Our process is online. Efficient. Effective. We can make this problem into a solution.

No guarantees that you will get the outcome you desire, what we can offer is fast, fair, and flexible results. Here at Telemediator we are on your side. We take the fight out, and bring in the neutral from the comfort of your own home. Online mediation. Want to learn more about mediation? 

Get in touch with us

We respond within 48 hours We answer all emails and requests as they come in. We look forward to being your safe and neutral party. We are here to help keep things safe, private, and objective.

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