What is Mediation?

What is Mediation?

Mediation (ADR) alternative dispute resolution – Mediation is a process where the parties involved, meet with a licensed, impartial third party (mediator). They help assist in the negotiation of their dispute, while mainting privacy for both parties outside of the court room.

How it works:

 The process requires that all parties voluntarily wish to participate. Suggestions of the mediator are non-binding on any party. This means that the mediator will hear all the information, inquire as to open communication, and will facilitate the underlying needs of the parties.

A mediator will consider the conflict from a third party non-biased point of view and provide an opinion and suggestion of how the parties might proceed. The parties are free to take the suggestions of the mediator in whole or in part. Even if the suggestions and opinions are not agreeable to all parties, the process and final report will help all of the parties to understand how a third party sees the situation.

It can help predict how a court, jury, or other board of authority might rule in the case. The report may also provide reasonable estimates of loss and/or damage, and even possible identification of other parties who may assist with the resolution of compensation. 

Conflict is a natural part of life. Managed correctly, conflict can positively transform lives and relationships.

Mediators are trained to understand the source of conflicts and identify a path away from adversarial positions toward positive growth and change. They create a safe space to have difficult conversations.

As a mediator, we can work with all parties to a dispute to help cut through the emotions and hang ups, allowing the natural wishes for resolution, fair results, and parties being able to move on with their lives leaving the anxiety of pending conflict behind them. We practice the intentions of NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and extend active listening to all parties.

The traits of a Competence certainly includes the ability to remain neutral and to move parties though various impasse-points in a dispute. When the dispute is over whether expertise in the subject matter of the dispute should be considered or is actually detrimental to the mediator’s objectivity.

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"Trained in the practice of Non-Violent Communication (NVC)"

The mediator has experience and licenses in the following practice areas, brining the knowledge and experience in various backgrounds to the meditation facilitation:

  • Property and Casualty insurance licenses

  • Excess and surplus lines license

  • Surety bond producer license

  • Private investigator license

  • Building and Construction General Contractor license

  • Certified Real Estate Title Abstractor

  • Real Estate agent (current and former)

  • FCC Amateur Radio Licenses

  • FAA Private Pilot Licenses

  • IANTD & GUE Technical, Rescue, and Trimix Scuba

  • DEQ Environmental Quality Certification

The mediator has been certified as an expert witness in Federal and State courts.
The mediator is a member of the following organizations:

  1. ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

  2. FALI (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators)

  3. BBB (Better Business Bureau)

  4. IAAR (International Association of Asset Recovery)

  5. American Mensa

  6. Idaho Association of Surety Bond Producers

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