$100K Overstock Tools For $24K, Milwaukee, Brigs, NorthStar

Here’s another truckload from the liquidation company that we follow. While we have no association or financial gain from this, we regularly explore these loads for potential opportunities. This particular truckload boasts a retail value of approximately $100,000, mainly comprising tools and equipment such as generators, Milwaukee tools, lawn mowers, and more. The cost for this lot stands at $24,000, with a detailed manifest revealing retail and wholesale prices, brand information, and a substantial presence of North Star products.

Assessing the Goods: Brand Name Treasures
The manifest highlights various items, including the Milwaukee Fuel Switch Pack, a high-value $800 wholesale item, along with Briggs and Stratton engines and impact wrenches. Notably, the inventory contains a Honda walk-behind lawn mower, adding substantial value to the package. These are reputable brand-name tools, not generic off-brands. Among these are also pallet jacks, Briggs and Stratton motors, and a significant number of North Star ATV sprayers.

Value proposition and market potential
The overall retail value of this truckload amounts to $100,000, with a wholesale value of $60,000, while the asking price remains at $24,000, FOB South Carolina. Potential avenues for resale span from distribution and retail to online platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. These branded items are highly marketable, offering potential profit margins, especially for astute resellers.

Strategies for Resellers and Future Prospects
For savvy resellers, this package represents a chance to recoup investments quickly. Even selling half the inventory at wholesale could cover the initial expense, leaving the rest as pure profit. While this opportunity is currently available, its availability may change. Monitoring this liquidator’s offerings could reveal similar packages, especially those laden with brand-name merchandise. Those experienced with such purchases are encouraged to share their insights and successes.

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