5 Reasons Online Mediation Is The Better Alternative

Online mediation has many benefits over traditional face-to-face processes. Given the convenience and widespread use of the internet, many people are starting to prefer their cases to be solved online. In addition to convenience, what are the benefits of choosing an online mediation platform? 

#1: Online mediation saves time.

Your time is valuable. Online mediation doesn’t require you to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room or travel to an office. By opting for online mediation, you can save time and focus on resolving your conflict.

#2: Online mediation saves money.

While there are costs associated with online mediation, the total amount will be substantially less when compared to traditional mediation. Online mediators are often able to charge less due to the lower expenses they incur mediating online sessions.

#3: Online mediation can be accessed from anywhere with the internet.

Online mediation is flexible, as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t have to sit in an office with the person you’re having a conflict with if you don’t want to. By removing the extra travel requirement, online mediation can help you focus on resolving the conflict on your time.

#4: Online mediation can be easier for people who do not prefer face-to-face conflict resolution.

Face-to-face interaction isn’t always necessary and it may even escalate the conflict. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with the face-to-face confrontational nature of traditional mediation, online mediation can help ease your anxieties by putting physical space between you and the other parties. Easing anxieties before going into mediation can help to improve your overall communication.

#5: Online mediation allows you to have personal space.

Conflicts can get messy and emotionally charged. Online mediation allows you to have personal space to momentarily turn your camera off, mute your microphone, or simply take a step away to collect your thoughts and feelings when you need it. Sometimes we just need a moment to disconnect and feel our feelings, then we can return and address the conflict at hand.

Bottom line: Online mediation is the most convenient option for mediation.

Online mediation saves time, and money, and provides flexibility in numerous ways. Flexibility is incredibly important when it comes to mediation and conflict resolution. When we feel that something is inflexible, it often leads to frustration. Then if you add those frustrations to an already troublesome conflict requiring mediation, now you have two problems. Ultimately, the best method of mediation is one that can be mutually agreed upon by both parties. 

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