Building Common Ground In Mediation

Finding common ground between the two parties is one of the most important factors of mediation. By finding common ground, both parties are now on the same playing field. They can work together to find solutions that work for both sides.

In a mediation session, you might ask each party to share their goals and objectives. You can then help them identify any shared interests or concerns they have. This gives you a place to start when it comes time to negotiate solutions that will benefit both parties.

For example, if both people want their children to grow up in a safe environment, then they have something in common – they want their children to be safe and healthy. If they both want financial security, then they also have something in common – they want financial stability for themselves and their families. But if one person wants financial security while the other wants financial freedom, then there’s no common ground between them at all! By finding common ground between the two parties, you can help them work together to find solutions that will work for both sides.

Check out the video above about a recent mediation session we conducted, with permission from all parties and names changed for anonymity.






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