Unusual Business Owner Stories

Back in the 1980s, we managed a warehouse in a rough part of town. Break-ins were a weekend occurrence, prompting us to hire a tough ex-military guy named Charlie as security. He’d sleep in the freezing cold warehouse, unfazed by the austere conditions.

The unconventional security crew
To relieve Charlie from the bitter cold, we hired Stan, a scarred man who trained attack dogs. Stan brought two savage Rottweilers to patrol the warehouse. Handling the dogs became a routine: Stan would arrive, secure the warehouse, and leave, only returning the next morning to collect the dogs.

The Vanishing Guards
One Monday morning, the dogs were nowhere to be found. Concerned, we looked around, even venturing into the basement, where we discovered the dogs tied up with a note from Charlie, expressing his displeasure and desire to reclaim his job.

The Unforeseen Turn of Events
Charlie had overpowered the guard dogs, leaving Stan embarrassed and departing without a trace. Charlie’s explanation? He claimed he treated the dogs like any other adversary, knocking them out and tying them up, which was definitely not the ideal resolution.

Reflections on an Unusual Chapter
This incident, though not commendable, stands as an unusual tale from a different time. While reflecting, it’s clear that such actions wouldn’t be condoned today. Nevertheless, it’s a story that showcases the unexpected turns of business experiences—ones you wouldn’t anticipate encountering.

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