Using the “Steel Man” Technique In Mediations

The steel man technique diverges from the common approach of undermining the opposing argument. Instead, it involves fortifying and enhancing the opposing viewpoint, highlighting its strengths. By bolstering their perspective, you can present a more robust counterargument in favor of your stance.

Collaborative Persuasion
Engaging in this technique isn’t counterproductive; it’s collaborative. Rather than combating the other party’s perspective, you align their strengths with your own, fostering a cooperative environment. Often, individuals magnify illogical arguments in opposition, which can obscure the validity of the opponent’s stance.

Embracing Truth in Arguments
In any dispute, there are truths within the opponent’s argument, regardless of how clouded they might be by exaggerated or false claims. Acknowledging and amplifying these truths through the steel man technique validates their perspective and demonstrates a serious consideration of their viewpoints.

Challenging Assumptions and Embracing Collaboration
Challenging your assumptions is crucial; presuming everything about your opponent is incorrect can lead to distorted arguments. By listening, identifying truthful elements, and enhancing them, the incongruities tend to fade away, potentially leading to organic problem-solving.

The Art of Constructive Disagreement
Understanding both sides of an argument is vital. By adopting aspects of the opposing viewpoint while dismissing flaws in your own, you create common ground. This method can result in a significant alignment of perspectives, strengthening the likelihood of a collaborative resolution.

Practical Application and Growth
Practicing the steel man technique in non-critical conversations aids in mastering this approach. It’s a nuanced skill, valuable not only in mediation but in personal conflicts and negotiations. While challenging due to pride and principles, this method, if well-versed, can dissolve impasses and benefit varied aspects of life and conflict resolution.

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