Can’t Reach Customer Service? Here is Why…..

In a revealing Business Insider article, the prevalent issue of phone communication among Millennials and Gen Z has come to light. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t just about conversing with friends or relatives; it’s about lacking confidence in professional phone communication.

The Vanishing Skill of Speaking on the Phone
Smartphones have reshaped communication habits, leaning heavily on texting, apps, and social media. As a consequence, younger employees struggle to communicate effectively over the phone at work, hindering customer service and sales interactions.

The Hidden Barrier to Customer Service
Previously, the assumption was that companies avoided customer service investments due to cost concerns. However, the reality may be more nuanced—finding employees proficient in phone communication has become a challenge. The market demand for $500-an-hour phone communication training sessions reflects a significant skill deficiency.

Lost Skills Across Generations
Unlike earlier generations, where answering phones was a taught skill, modern generations lack this upbringing. The evolution of technology removed traditional wall-mounted phones from homes, contributing to a generational communication gap.

The Expensive Solution: Corporate Workshops
Corporate workshops aimed at bridging this communication gap come with a hefty price tag. Invoices as proof substantiate the exorbitant costs, revealing the real expenses companies bear to equip employees with this essential skill.

The Implications for Consumers
For consumers, meaningful relationships cannot be built through emails lacking the nuances of tone and context. Misunderstandings in text-based communication are common, impacting relationships and interactions.

The Call for Consulting Services
Acknowledging this challenge, consulting services have emerged to tackle consumer issues regarding customer service. Simultaneously, companies invest heavily in expensive training to overcome the communication deficiency in their workforce.

The Proposal for a Resolution
Perhaps the solution lies in investing in consultants to train younger generations in effective phone communication. While this interim solution persists, seeking consumer opinions and exploring alternatives become imperative.

The significance of proficient phone communication cannot be underestimated, prompting a need for training and adaptation. As the debate continues, exploration of potential resolutions remains crucial in navigating this communication shift. For further insights and options, explore our website at and share your thoughts on this prevalent issue.

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