Is ChatBot Or Live Person Better Customer Service?

Here’s a quote that emerged on a popular YouTube channel discussing the emergence of a new chat bot, Chat GPT, which many websites and companies are adopting. It’s a form of machine learning, often labeled as artificial intelligence, specifically designed to manage customer service inquiries, phone calls, and interactions. The comment highlighted how this automated chat bot’s responses seem more human compared to traditional corporate customer service.

Choice Between Lower-Level Live Support or Chat Bots
For months, discussions have revolved around the quality of corporate customer service. Often, these services are handled by lower-level clerks or administrative staff who might lack the necessary knowledge or authority to address queries. Furthermore, some of these tasks are outsourced overseas. As a consumer or user of such platforms, the question arises: would you prefer the human touch of a less informed live person or the predictability of a chat bot offering canned responses?

Exploring Alternatives for Informed Live Support
If neither a chat bot nor a lower-level staff member suffices for resolving inquiries, what alternatives exist? The desire to interact with a knowledgeable, empowered person is evident. However, finding such individuals within customer service frameworks can be a challenge. What avenues or solutions do you envision in such scenarios? Your input in the comments will contribute to the ongoing development of advice and resources tailored for various professional environments. We eagerly await your thoughts and suggestions!

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