Mediation Solves Lawsuits 77% Of The Time

Do you know that according to court records, mediation is successful 77% of the time when applied in litigation cases? Whether it’s a probate case, divorce case, or civil lawsuit, mediation works around 70 to 77% of the time.

Privacy Advantages in Mediation
Moreover, mediation offers the advantage of privacy. In a courtroom setting, presenting evidence, documents, and testimony becomes part of the public record. Anything said or presented can be accessed by anyone. However, in mediation, the proceedings remain private. It provides a venue where parties can freely discuss without fear of public exposure. Some aspects of a lawsuit are better kept private, making mediation a valuable option.

Cost and Time Efficiency of Mediation
Mediation not only boasts a success rate of more than three-quarters but also stands out as a more cost-effective and quicker alternative to fully going through the court process. The private nature of mediation contributes to its efficiency and affordability. By avoiding lengthy court procedures, it saves time and resources for all parties involved.

The power of mediation lies in its high success rate, privacy advantages, and cost and time efficiency. It emerges as a favorable option for resolving legal disputes across various types of cases.

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