Why Is It Hard To Hire A Lawyer?

The Illusion of Courtroom Success
Have you ever wondered why attorneys seem hesitant to take on your case or return your calls? Let’s explore an eye-opening example: an advertisement targeting lawyers to purchase leads for trust clients. The headline reads, “Escape the Courtroom: Never Work a Heartbreaking Case Again.” It’s a pitch to assist in creating trusts for clients, but the underlying message is crucial.

The Last Resort: The Courtroom
Despite popular belief, most attorneys don’t aspire to enter the courtroom. There’s a compelling reason behind this reluctance: the court should be the last resort. It’s not the go-to solution for plaintiffs, defendants, or even attorneys. Why? Because reaching court means exhausting all other available avenues. The uncertainty within a courtroom is a huge factor. Even if your case is airtight, there’s no guarantee of a favorable outcome.

The Risks Attorneys Fear
Consider the word “heartbreaking” in the ad. Attorneys fear losing cases just as much as their clients do. They might have all the right evidence, facts, and a correct client stance, yet still face defeat. The court is a wildcard; rulings can swing unexpectedly, be it due to a judge, a jury, or unforeseen circumstances. This uncertainty magnifies when clients aren’t adequately prepared.

The Client’s Role in Case Resolution
If you’re seeking legal representation, conveying a willingness to avoid court is strategic. Attorneys might hesitate if you insist on your day in court because, ultimately, it’s not in the client’s best interest. Mediation stands as the optimal resolution method, followed by arbitration or settlement agreements, all of which attorneys excel at navigating strategically.

The Fallacy of Courtroom Triumph
Winning in court might seem like a victorious feat, but the reality can be harsh. Even successful plaintiffs often incur substantial legal fees, sometimes reaching six figures. The expenses aren’t fully recoverable, and collecting the judgment can be arduous. Worse still, counterclaims might emerge, weakening the case’s foundation.

Aligning Interests for a Favorable Case
Insisting on a courtroom showdown might dissuade attorneys from taking your case. Opting for court isn’t necessarily in the client’s best interest. Attorneys prioritize client success, often steering away from courtroom battles. A collaborative approach to resolution, one that avoids the risks and uncertainties of court, is typically in everyone’s best interest.

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