Would These Make You Feel Better? (Part1)

Look, I think we can all agree that everyone is at least stressed out. There’s more anxiety and conflict in the world than there has been in most of recent history, even to the extent that some people are saying there are more mental health problems than ever before. So, what we’re going to do today in our series of observations is look at things that we can do on a daily basis to help us feel better.

Disconnecting: One Hour Without Your Phone
Let’s take a look at three or four things we can do right now. The first thing is to take your mobile device—your phone—and put it somewhere for 90 minutes. Do whatever it is you would normally do without your phone accessible to you. Initially, you might feel anxious without it nearby, but explore how your mind copes without that mental pacifier. See what happens when you exist without constantly checking your device.

Dietary Experiment: One Day Without Sugar and Wheat
Another suggestion is to try for one day to eat no sugar and no wheat. This isn’t medical advice; it’s just an experiment. Notice how you feel without consuming these items. It might be challenging initially, but it’s an opportunity for self-discovery and understanding your body’s reactions.

Active Listening: Providing a Safe Space
Now, let’s consider a more interactive task. Think of a person close to you and ask them if there’s something they’d love to talk about that they haven’t had an outlet for. Set aside at least 20 or 30 minutes for this conversation. Listen actively, allowing them to talk freely without your input or judgment. This exercise creates an outlet for them to express themselves.

Reflecting on Experience
Once the conversation ends, ask them how it felt to talk about that topic for a while. You may find this exercise builds a deeper connection or provides relief for the person you’re listening to. Remember, it’s not about reciprocity or obligation; it’s about providing an empathetic ear and space for expression.

Embracing New Experiences
Any of these practices might not be your cup of tea, but engaging in different activities can bring about positive changes. Even if you don’t enjoy them, at least you’re exploring new avenues for personal growth. Share your experiences or thoughts in the comments, or explore our website for additional ways to express yourself.

Remember, these activities are about self-discovery and potential well-being enhancements. If you have a story to share or if you’d like a space to express yourself, check out our website for more outlets. Thank you for engaging in these exercises and exploring new ways to improve your well-being

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